• Watson Homestead Buildings and Grounds Position

    Watson Homestead Conference & Retreat Center
    Job Description


    Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center
    9620 Dry Run Road
    Painted Post, NY 14870
    Buildings and Grounds Position

    Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center is seeking a full-time buildings and grounds staff member. Candidates must be comfortable “serving guests with gracious hospitality.” Watson Employees must be flexible and able to work weekends, weekdays and some holidays. Personal characteristics must include trustworthiness, excellent problem-solving skills, and an exceedingly strong work ethic. 

    1.       Experience in two or more construction-related jobs.
    2.       Excellent references from two or more employers in construction related jobs.
    3.       Must pass criminal and sex offender background check. Clean driving record required.
    4.       Able to lift 100+ pounds.
    5.       Able to stand for six hours indoors/outdoors regardless of weather extremes.
    6.       Able to bend, lift, dig, carry, climb and engage in strenuous activities. 

    Job Requirements
    1.        Driving Watson vehicles including truck, snowplow and tractors.
    2.        Consistent and productive collaboration with Watson Team.
    3.        Ability to prioritize daily, short-term and long-term work and projects.
    4.        Must frequently work independently and follow-through on details.
    5.        Must follow direction and constructive feedback from supervisor.
    6.        Care for building systems, structures and envelopes.
    7.        Daily moving and set-up of tables, chairs, and other items for groups and events.
    8.        Sweep and mop large dining hall floor after events and before groups arrive.
    9.        Follow all policies and procedures set forth in Watson Employee Handbook and by direct      supervisor.
    10.    Be familiar with Watson Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan.
    11.    Be courteous towards and caring of guests and colleagues at all times.
    12.    Maintain a safe and clean environment in collaboration with Watson Staff.
    13.    Daily, weekly, monthly, water testing/monitoring.
    14.   Handling of chemicals (pool). 
    15.   Upkeep of monthly safety equipment i.e. emergency lights/exit signs. 
    16.   Independent worker and self-directed when given tasks.
    17.   Other general maintenance tasks as needed. 

    To Apply go to www.watsonhomestead.com and click on “About Us.” Scroll down to “Employment.”

    Send application and list of previous experience to Karen Epstein, Executive Director at:
    Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center
    9620 Dry Run Road
    Painted Post, NY  14870


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