• Impaired Driver Program Instructor - Elmira, NY

    Posted: 09/08/2021


    Facilitates the classroom training and related administrative tasks for the Agency-sponsored IDP Driver Program



    Have earned, at a minimum, a high school diploma or GED.

    Demonstrate at least 72 hours of verifiable experience counseling, teaching or providing structured training/counseling in a group setting. This experience must have occurred in the five years prior to application and may be cumulative.

    The Instructor applicant must document that actual work experience and the number of relevant hours that comprise the minimum 72 hours of experience, and not simply cite a job title or length of service. Any application that does not specify the number of relevant hours of experience will be denied.


    This experience can be waived for applicants who hold a degree in Education, Psychology, Counseling, Social Work or a related field, from an accredited institution of higher learning, or demonstrated professional experience in these related fields, as approved by DMV. Additional experience and/or formal education may be considered in lieu of the instructor requirements, at the discretion of the department and upon written request from the IDP course provider.


    · General computer skills, including keyboard and mouse operations; visual and/or auditory capacity.

    · The employee may lift and/or move up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds


    While performing the duties of this job, the employee is expected to adhere to strict policies/regulations relative to being in a tobacco-and alcohol-free workplace.

    Work is performed in a normal office environment


    · Facilitation, discussion-oriented instructional skills

    · Excellent oral and written communications skills

    · Working knowledge of the Change Company Curriculum

    · Organization of materials in lesson plans and in class presentations

    · Administrative ability in recording attendance and other duties

    · Knowledge and operation of classroom audio-visual equipment and programs

    · Effective classroom management to provide non-judgmental and safe learning environment with the ability to manage the resistant and/or disruptive student


    May perform all or part of the following duties

    · Follow lesson plans based on curriculum with a goal of participants’ improved decision- making, leading to improved driver safety.

    · Obtain class involvement with the activities, information and concepts set forth in the curriculum

    · Instruct in a way that ensures student participation and understanding of materials

    · Screen participants using tools and individual interviews to determine appropriate level of additional professional assistance required by student

    · Maintain appropriate records for each program, with appropriate distribution

    · Ability to maintain strict confidentiality standards

    · Perform other duties as assigned

    This job description is intended to provide a description of essential job functions that are used in order to assess employee performance. It is not an all inclusive statement of job responsibilities.

    Job Type: Contract

    Full Time Opportunity:

    • No

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