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    Ice storage is a clean, reliable and least-cost distributed energy storage solution for the grid. Since 2005, Ice Bears have been installed in more than 40 utility services, transforming inefficient and polluting air conditioners into efficient and clean cooling systems. With a reliability record in excess of 98%, they benefit both utilities and their customers. Ice Bear ACs and modifications improve the efficiency and resiliency of the grid, lower cooling bills and reduce carbon emissions.

    Ice Bear charges by making ice during off-peak hours and discharges by using the stored ice to cool buildings during peak hours. Our smart Ice Bear battery reduces peak cooling electricity by 95% for up to 6 hours a day, every day.

    Ice Bear storage provides air conditioning savings to businesses and homeowners, and generates long-term business opportunities for local HVAC contractors. It integrates seamlessly into the existing infrastructure and enables a cleaner, more efficient power grid for the community.

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