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  • Are you ready for your close-up?

    Chamber membership is all about connecting businesses with the community and providing opportunities for both.
    The Corning Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to launch a video series featuring our members and the connections they enjoy.
    Each participating member will be featured in a way that is best suited for them, and each member will fall under
    one of five video themes: live, work, play, learn, or volunteer. To find out how you can be a part of this video project,
    please contact Denise Ackley (dkackley@corningny.com) or Sean Lukasik (sean@creagentmarketing.com).

    If you missed it at the Annual Dinner, please take a look at the video below for a preview of this project.

  • Our Mission

    The Corning Area Chamber of Commerce is a catalyst to serve and advance business and community interests of the region. We are the leading resource that connects member businesses, through providing resources, education, and access.

    Our Vision

    The Corning Area Chamber of Commerce will be the premier business resource connection. We will be the essential focal point and provide solutions to lead professional development and business growth in support of a vibrant community.

    We Believe 

        …Businesses have a powerful voice when united
        …Members deserve a return on their investment, with value-added benefits
        …Relationships, responsiveness, accountability, and integrity are the foundation of our organization - internal and external
        …Being a community partner and proactive leader is essential to our sustainability