• 5 Things: ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

    5 Things: ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes

    Five Things You Don't Know About The ARTS Council of the Southern Finger Lakes
    1. Recently moved Artist Development grants to a year-round rolling deadline schedule and included provisions to address the economic disparity and insecurity artists face.
    2. Added a schedule of themed small works exhibits to Corning's Shop Where I Live storefront.
    3. Launched sflxtraditions.org to amplify and celebrate the stories, work, and traditions of the diverse cultures across our region. 
    4. Diverse programming offers opportunities for poetry, music, arts and culture demonstrations, professional development workshops and more.
    5. Advocate for artists at the local, state, and federal level to ensure economic opportunities are available to creatives in the region and that the arts thrive throughout the Southern Finger Lakes.
    What milestones has your company celebrated, and when is your business' anniversary?
    2022 marks The ARTS Councils' 50th Anniversary. Aligned with this milestone is the public launch of our Endowment Campaign.
    What do you hope to get our Chamber Membership? What benefits are most important to you?
    To ensure that community members know we offer services to promote, enhance, and develop arts and culture across the region, and that we are a resource for artists, tradition bearers, and cultural organizations throughout a multi-county service region. Promotion of our work and services through the chamber's events calendar and mailings is highly valued.

    2019 ReCouture Finale Runway Walk. Photo Credit: Chris Walters. Cover Photo Credit: Chris Walters.

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