• Save the date for the 2019 Conference:  Thursday, October 3rd


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  • 2018 Conference program:

    8:45 am — Registration, coffee & networking

    9:30 am — Kick off & Opening Remarks

    9:45 am — Session 1: “How I Owned It” Panel

    11:00 am — Session 2:  Existing in the #MeToo World

    The #MeToo movement began in October 2017, and in just 24 hours, had 12 million posts and comments on Facebook.  A January 2018 online survey showed 81% of women had experienced some type of sexual
    harassment.  So how do you deal with this pervasive issue?  This session will cover the law and your rights, as well as dealing with your own experiences.


                      Overcome the Mean Girl - Why Women Should Have Each Other’s Backs

    Why do we as women let ourselves and each other down?  What are the reasons and/or situations why we chose to speak up or stay silent?  We can learn to help each other if we can recognize in the moment more of what triggers us as women to react, and perhaps gain the tools to make our reactions more kind, compassionate, and safe.

    12:15 pm — Lunch & Keynote Address: Breaking the Glass Ceiling, Jessica Renner, Regional President, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

    Jessica’s personal history, including how she overcame her challenges, and tips and strategies for success you can apply for yourself.

    1:30 pm — Session 3: Leading with Authenticity - Finding & Owning Your Voice

    In today’s high pressure world it can be challenging for women to speak their truth when they are unsure their voice will be heard and if they will be respected. This session will guide you to find and OWN your authentic voice so that you can confidently show up in every compartment of work and life. 

    Presented by Kate Sholonski

    Kate Sholonski is a certified life coach, author, relationship expert and co-owner of Triumph Leadership Group. She is committed to assisting her clients in aligning their awareness and ownership with their inherent gifts that make them who they are. She is the poster girl for living life fully, without regrets or apologies and inspires others to follow her lead.

    3:00 pm — Session 4: Look Your Best for Less and Still Own Your Success

    “Dress confidently in clothes that make you feel great about yourself. When you look better you feel better.”  ― Susan C. Young
    Looking your best helps you to feel confident. Confidence is a booster for success. This session will introduce some tricks, tips and hacks you can use to feel and look your best without breaking the bank. 


                                         Stress Relief Techniques

    Practical things you can do in your office, car, home or anywhere when the stress begins to mount.  Beginning with breathing techniques, and moving into some basic warm-ups that help to loosen, warm, and protect the movements of the spine paired with breath work, and ending with a short relaxation technique often used in mediation called The Body Scan.

    Presented by April Roush-Stanley

    April’s passion of the holistic health and wellness industry is what drives her and her business, Trinity Therapeutics Wellness. She strives to bring awareness and accessibility to the community through modalities such as yoga, massage, reiki, herbalism, chiropractic, self-care products, and more!

    4:00 pm — Closing


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