• The 2019 Own it! Women's Conference

    Thursday, October 3

    8:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Watkins Glen Harbor Hotel

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    $110 per person (includes coffee, lunch and snacks)

    Registration deadline: Friday, September 27th

    Register by Tuesday, August 27th for a discounted rate of $90 per person


    Get the registration form here, or register and pay online


    8:30 am — Registration, coffee & networking
    9:15 am — Kick off & Opening Remarks
    9:30 am — Session 1:  Take Charge and Live Your Best Life!
    10:45 am — Session 2:  Owning Your Success: Imposter Syndrome Unwrapped
    12:00 pm — Lunch
    12:45 pm — Session 3:  Healing the Inner Critic
    1:45 pm — Session 4:  It’s OK to Look Like a Leader
    3:00 pm — Self Defense: Basic Tips and Strategies
    3:15 pm — Session 5:  Own the Moment, Hold the Space: Dealing with Difficult People
    4:15 pm — Closing

    Our Topics:

    Take Charge and Live Your Best Life

    In this 60 minute session certified life coach Filomena Jack will lead exercises in breath work, discuss habit cycles, and share “life hacks” that will allow you to take charge and live the life you deserve. See CoachFilomena.com to learn more about Filomena.

    Presented by Filomena Jack, Certified Personal Development Coach

    Owning Your Success: Imposter Syndrome Unwrapped

    When great things happen have you ever thought, “I am not supposed to be here” or “How did I get this opportunity?” and “I am really not as smart/funny/successful as they all think I am.”  Do you shy away from compliments and encouragement?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE! It’s called “Imposter Syndrome” and many of us have these feelings, particularly women. In this session, we will unwrap Imposter Syndrome to uncover what it is, its origins and how it affects us. And finally, we will talk about ways to diffuse Imposter Syndrome so that you can be free to OWN your success and happiness!

    Presented by Judy Rowe, Judith A Rowe Consulting LLC


    Healing the Inner Critic

    “Your inner critic is simply a part of you that needs more self-love.”~ Amy Leigh Mercree

    Who hasn’t been overly critical of themselves, experienced self-doubt or harsh self-reflections?  We all have an inner voice that can often be critical.  This workshop will empower you to understand your inner critic in a different, more  compassionate way, one that will lead to healing, growth and empowerment.  When we can understand the meaning behind our inner critic, we are in more of a position of power to challenge, change and reframe that voice.  This workshop will provide strategies and resources to cultivate a more compassionate inner voice, and how to react when that negative inner voice is heard.  

    Presented by Renae Carapella-Johnson, LMHC, NCC, Ray of Light Counseling & Consulting


    It’s OK to Look Like a Leader

    Women in leadership roles are often perceived - wrongly! - as too emotional, too ambitious, too assertive, and more.  Women shouldn't apologize for being leaders, so how do we move beyond these misperceptions?  This session will examine perceptions of female leaders and how others receive them.  Discover how self-awareness can help your ability to be, and to look like, a leader, and to inspire and support other women to lead.

    Presented by Holly Segur, Division Vice President, Workplace Services, Corning Incorporated; Founder, Lead Intuitively


    Self Defense: Basic Tips and Strategies

    In this short session, we’ll get you up and moving – just a little!  Learn some basic moves, things to do and things to know to protect yourself.

    Presented by Bonnie Mann, Director of Health & Wellness, Corning Community YMCA; 3 time World Champion Boxer and 2017 Inductee, All Marine Boxing Hall of Fame


    Own the Moment, Hold the Space: Dealing with Difficult People

    Do you find yourself triggered by someone in your personal or professional life?  This session will help you cultivate the mindsets and skillsets that move you from your distressed self to your best self. Learn to own the moments and hold the space that define you.

    Presented by Amie McMullin, Certified Executive Coach & Principle Consultant at Vescent, Inc.



    Our Speakers:

    Filomena Jack

    Filomena Jack is a certified Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, teacher, and artist who works with clients as an ally to help them understand themselves, understand others, and live their best lives. More than goal setting, Filomena works with clients’ systems to develop long term growth. Filomena is currently studying to become certified in hypnosis as a helping modality.


    Judy Rowe

    Judy is passionate about using a strengths-­‐based approach to help others realize their full potential in life.  Her consulting company, Judith A. Rowe Consulting, LLC, focuses on training, facilitation, coaching, career development, and wellness.  Judy has two Bachelor Degrees Civil and Industrial Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.  Recently she retired from Corning Incorporated after 27 years of service in a variety of positions including engineering, sales, and customer service, training, quality, and project management.  Judy has a phenomenal family -­‐ husband Joe, and two sons, Joe and Jon.  Judy enjoys volunteering for many community activities.  Visit juditharowe.com to learn more.


    Renae Carapella-Johnson

    Renae Carapella-Johnson is a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Ray of Light Counseling and Consulting. Renae has extensive experience in individual therapy, crisis intervention and training.  She empowers individuals utilizing a strength-based and person-centered approach. Renae has provided numerous trainings and workshops on mental health topics to community members and mental health professionals, with expertise in the areas of suicide prevention and trauma. She supports people in developing a self-compassionate inner voice, one that challenges the lies a person has been told about their worth and value. She strives to help people not only feel ‘good enough,’ but to recognize their inner strengths and to know that the answers and guidance they seek truly comes from within. Renae is grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Own It Conference and is excited to share her passion for helping people heal, find hope and uncover their own mighty ray of light.


    Holly Segur

    Holly Segur is a mentor for CEOs, high-level executives and entrepreneurs who are feeling overwhelmed and isolated in their quest to grow their business.  As an experienced top executive in a Fortune 500 company, Holly understands the emotional burden that comes with growing and running dynamic businesses. With over 30 years of experience in corporate leadership, and after supporting hundreds of global clients, Holly is uniquely qualified to guide her clients through the diverse challenges of business leadership.  Her clients consider her their trusted advisor, biggest supporter and accountability coach rolled into one. Holly will get you feeling confident, creative, and at ease with the pressures of leading your company, while positively impacting business growth & results.


    Bonnie Mann

    Bonnie Mann is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Former 3 Time World Champion Professional Boxer, and 2017 Marine Corps Boxing Hall Of Fame inductee.  My passion is to help ALL people by
    providing inspiration through motivational speaking and to help people reach their physical and health goals through motivational personal training.


    Amie McMullin

    Amie McMullin is owner and principal consultant of Vescent, Inc., a leadership and organization development firm. Every leader, every culture, is unique. Vescent unleashes clients’ potential and prosperity by tapping their inner best.  Since 1992, Amie has collaborated with clients to understand their business challenges and craft custom solutions. She “meets people where they are” to effect positive results through executive coaching, workshops, talent and succession management, change initiatives, and other interventions. Amie’s evidence-based approach blends the science of study with the art of experience.
    Amie holds an MS in Organization Development and Training, and a BA in Psychology and Communications. Additionally, she has master’s certificates from Columbia University in Executive and Organizational Coaching and from Cornell University in Leading Organizational Change.  Vescent is founded on integrity, evidence-based excellence, connection and meaning, abundance, and a balance of confidentiality and transparency. Visit us at www.VescentLeadership.com to learn more.


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