• 5 Things: Country Living from Farm Credit East and EFPR Group CPAs

    5 Things: Country Living from Farm Credit East and EFPR Group CPAs

    This week's "Five Things" focuses on financial fitness. Whether you need a loan or need to to balance your books, these two Members have you covered. Here are Five Things you Don't Know about Country Living from Farm Credit East and the EFPR Group CPAs

    Five Things You Don't Know about Farm Living from Farm Credit East, ACA:

    1. We are a borrower-owned cooperative.
    2. We provide financial services (records, payroll, tax prep) to rurral homeowners and farm businesses. 
    3. We have been serving our mission for over 100 years!
    4. You don't have to be a farmer to borrow.
    5. We provide loans for farmers, part-time farmers, rural homeowners, and homeowners looking to purchase additional acreage. 

    Our goal for Membership is to continue to spread the word about all that we do, and contribute to the strength of our community.

    What ONE thing do we want people to think of when they think of our business? We are a rural lender & financial services provider of choice in the Southern Tier. 

    Five Things You Don't Know about EFPR Group CPAs PLLC:


    1. The Firm has close to 200 employees over 6 offices throughout NY and FL.
    2. The Firm has two companies – StoneBridge Business Partners: StoneBridge Business Partners specializes in compliance auditing, fraud and forensics auditing services, business valuation, merger and acquisition consulting, and litigation support to institutions, government organizations, federal agencies and contractors, non-profits, and businesses, numerous Fortune 1000 companies; EFPR Solutions: EFPR Solutions is a company that provides outsourced back office support for small businesses and municipalities.
    3. EFPR services over 20 industry sectors from Emerging Tech to Senior Living Facilities to Alternative Energy.
    4. EFPR has 8 service line including IT Consulting and International Tax and Compliance.
    5. EFPR has a team dedicated to Nonprofit accounting services.

    My goal for membership is to network with organizations and individuals EFPR can work with in the future, whether strategically or as a client.

    One thing people should think of when they think EFPR: EFPR consistently demonstrates a passion for client success. From the articles published in our library to the companies formed under the Firm (EFPR Solutions / StoneBridge Business partners) and the specialized employees hired – we are consistently growing toward helping our clients succeed.

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