• Rick Maxa Guest Post: DXP Helps Prepare Your Business

    Rick Maxa Guest Post: DXP Helps Prepare Your Business

    I’m pretty certain, if asked, most people in the Southern Tier area would have no idea what our company, DXP Enterprises, does unless you are in the manufacturing world. I wanted to take this opportunity to shed some light on “who we are,” share our story as an essential business and the role we are able to play to help businesses through this pandemic.

    DXP is a National Industrial Distributor that represents over 6,000 manufacturers of products from around the world. We source and apply the technology to our customers' manufacturing processes so that they can provide their end user markets around the world. Just in the Northeast we have 22 technical Outside Sales Professionals that work with the manufacturing firms all over our region.

    From non-invasive cardiovascular components, to large compressors used in the oil/gas/petrochemical environment, to small and large machine shops making any multitude of components for our manufacturing firms around the country.

    DXP has remained open as an essential part of the supply chain enterprise for manufacturing – we have continued to supply cutting tools, abrasives, chemicals and fluids, material handling items, etc.… but have also found the need to fill our customer’s requirements for PPE, which as you can surmise has been a daily challenge, if you watch/listen to the news. As NYS manufacturing begins the process of opening back up, we must all make sure that we provide our workers and customers with the necessary PPE protection to help us open smart and not put us into another tailspin.

    As we work with our communities to help them get back up and running, DXP is pleased we were able to help CareFirst, by providing for their Front Line critical staff 500 disposable masks as they continue their precious work to help some of our most fragile family members in our region.

    DXP, and myself, believe in support of our communities that are made up of our neighbors, friends, business partners….being a 110% Corning Area Chamber of Commerce member allows us to not only learn from others but it allows us to support in small ways as in contributing to CareFirst, the Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament, as an Instructor to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy……we are all better as a team and DXP hopes that we all can continue to work together, to grow, to excel in our communities. I cannot think of anytime in my 61 years that this is more important as it is now as we deal with the Covid-19 event.

    NYS is beginning to open up; let’s all work together to make this successful and get our friends and neighbors back working and helping out our businesses get back on their feet. DXP stands ready to help where we are able to with disposable masks, reusable/washable masks, disinfectant and sanitizer. Don’t wait, get your place of business ready.

    Rick Maxa
    Regional Sales Director
    DXP Enterprises

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