• Stephan Brady Guest Post: Covation Center

    Stephan Brady Guest Post: Covation Center

    The Chamber is pleased to welcome The Covation Center as a new Member, and share some exciting news about an upcoming learning opportunity, the ”Engage Main Street” Virtual Cohort Program.

    Dr. Stephan Brady, Executive Director of the Covation Center, has over 30 years of experience as a Logistics and Supply Chain professional, researcher, and educator. Dr Brady is a recognized thought-leader in the areas of business processes, supply chain, technology space, and driving innovation in multiple arenas. Dr Brady has worked in the past two years with over 150 small and medium retailers and manufacturers. Through his work as the Executive Director of the Covation Center, as well as working with Supply Chain Vista’s ScaleUp NCPA Program he has been identified as a strong advocate for small business, committed to providing the tools they need to succeed and grow.

    He received his Ph.D. in Business Administration—Business Logistics from The Pennsylvania State University. He has served on the faculty at Penn State University, as well as the faculties of AFIT – The Air Force’s graduate school and Wright State University. He has guest lectured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has had several publications appearing in the Transportation Journal, Journal of Transportation Management, and The Air Force Journal of Logistics. In addition, he is a Certified Professional Logistician (CPL). In addition, he has received his Credentialed Cooperative Director and Board Leadership certifications.

    Dr. Brady is pleased to introduce you to the Covation Center in the below Member Spotlight and share the exciting details of the ”Engage Main Street” Virtual Cohort Program. And don’t forget to click the link on the video to learn more about “Engage Main Street” and the Three Key Values. You can watch it here:

    The Covation Center is proud to join as a member of the Corning Chamber of Commerce and partner with them in working to help Chamber members sustain and grow their businesses.

    The Covation Center is an organization committed to working with micro-businesses.  We have historically worked with businesses in North Central PA through a program called Engage! PA.  Our innovative addition to the program brings together diverse businesses to learn from each other in a structured and facilitated program.  We also provide mentoring and coaching to micro-businesses, and here in Williamsport, PA have a coworking space.

    The Covation Center has, like so many others, gone through changes during this COVID time. Coaching has changed--we now do video meetings through Zoom. Our cohort program has even changed-- we have gone virtual, and that has allowed us to expand to serve businesses across the state.

    While much has changed one thing remains constant--we are here to come alongside small businesses to encourage you as you find ways to grow and thrive in every situation.

    We are pleased to take our new-found “freedom” through Zoom to reach out and support our friends in Corning, NY.  We have had conversations for a while with leaders in Corning about how we can come alongside you as business owners and provide assistance.  We are learning that through the new “virtual tools” we can!

    To that end, we are pleased to offer the “Engage Main Street” Virtual Cohort Program to a larger group while continuing to provide the direct, 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring that the program has provided to so many over the past few years.  We believe fervently that the best results come when we combine the learning experience with coaching from experts, and the lessons and support each business provides through engagement in the program.

    We have been offering our Engage! Main Street program in PA through a grant from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.  We are starting a new cohort on September 23rd, and wanted to take this opportunity to offer it to Corning businesses as well.  Since we already have a program scheduled we are pleased to offer this to you at a 40% discount. The program, valued at $2500, is available for this cohort session for only $1500 out of state price.

    I look forward to seeing you,


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