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    About Us

    For over 40 years, John G. Ullman & Associates has helped clients plan for a lifetime of financial security, creating highly customized financial plans to manage, grow, and protect your wealth.

    John G. Ullman & Associates is a registered investment advisor* that provides clients with comprehensive financial services from financial planning to investments, tax preparation to tax planning, estate planning to retirement, and beyond. At whatever stage you find your current wealth position, John G. Ullman & Associates can offer you a full range of services and the attention to detail that we provide to every single client.

    The John G. Ullman & Associates process starts and ends with you! Our expert Advisors begin by working with you to understand your current financial picture, unique goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. This information helps us develop a customized plan, based on your unique circumstances, that serves as a roadmap to making the right decisions about your financial future. Then we help you implement that plan, guide you in making smart choices, and determine the actions needed to achieve your financial objectives. Whatever your stage, we have the resources to help every step of the way.

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