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    What makes a community vibrant? What brings a sense of belonging, of optimism, of pride?

    Vibrant communities are places where people are engaged and involved. Businesses thrive. Rich educational opportunities embrace all ages. When problems arise, supportive solutions are plentiful. And a diverse cultural life brings people together to learn and celebrate.

    Corning Incorporated Foundation — through its focus on education, human services, culture, and volunteerism – collaborates with non-profit organizations to foster and sustain these vibrant communities. The vision of the Foundation builds on the momentum that began in 1952, and has intensified the commitment to suit the needs of U.S. non-profits today.

    Throughout its history, Corning Incorporated Foundation has been driven by making a positive impact on communities where its people work and live.

    A deep and thoughtful study that concluded in 2017 helped the Foundation take a fresh look at its communities, their assets and challenges, and ways that non-profit programs could foster the aspects that make them vibrant in today’s world.

    The comprehensive process led to the creation of a strategic framework that now guides the Foundation’s grant programs and ensures clarity of its mission: A focus on education, human services, culture, and volunteerism.


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