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    About Us

    Corning Natural Gas Corporation is a subsidiary of Corning Natural Gas Holding Corporation, a publicly traded corporation. Corning Natural Gas is a local distribution company with nearly 450 miles of mains that sells or transports natural gas to approximately 15,000 customers. Gas deliveries are made across 23 towns and villages, over 400 square miles, throughout the Southern Tier and central regions of New York State.

    With 56 employees and from one office location, we annually transport approximately 15 Bcf of natural gas to commercial, industrial, residential and wholesale customers. The Company provides gas delivery and transportation services to NYSEG in Elmira, BEGWS in the Village of Bath and for local gas producers in New York and Pennsylvania.

    Safety, reliability and superior customer service continue to be the focus of management and employees as we work each day to improve the value we provide for our customers and shareholders.

    The mission of Corning Natural Gas Corporation is to maximize customer satisfaction by providing competitively priced energy services safely, reliably and efficiently.


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