• Steuben County Industrial Development Agency


    Economic DevelopmentNon-Profit

    About Us

    The mission of Steuben County IDA is to undertake projects and develop strategies to advance job opportunities, health, recreational opportunities, general prosperity, and the economic welfare of the people of Steuben County.

    Steuben County Industrial Development Agency’s region-wide commitment to economic development is driven by a strategic plan with major initiatives and priorities. Our partner organizations are the unifying force in the county that bring together federal, state and local government groups, the private sector, and academic institutions to advance a shared vision of an economic climate that is vibrant and positioned for future growth.

    In accomplishing successful economic development by serving as a one stop shop, we pursue a collaborative approach in offering businesses comprehensive economic development assistance.

    Creation of financial incentive packages designed to meet your needs
    Technical support assistance during project development
    Site selection and site development assistance
    Workforce Development and Training
    Real property tax abatements
    On-going business support
    Mortgage tax abatements
    Sales tax abatements
    Bond financing


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